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Spend time growing your business, not paperwork.

Grow your business while we seamlessly manage your back office matters.

With Teliti, your dedicated in-house professional delivers accurate books monthly, run payroll, keep track of your deadlines and provide answers to your business queries.

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Our flat and transparent pricing includes everything your business needs.

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Get helpful, real human answers from our dedicated support teams wherever you are.

30-day money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you’ll get a full refund, minus statutory and third-party fees, within 30 days of purchase.


Stay in tune with your business.

Don't let finances be a barrier to success. Keep your business on track with Teliti's team of professionals and their powerful cloud software and AI Intelligence, providing you with accurate financial reports each month at the touch of your fingertips!

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    In-house experts to assist in your monthly bookkeeping

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    Powered with powerful cloud software and AI Intelligence

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    Accurate finances at your fingertips


Cloud payroll managed for your team.

We help with payroll administration and ensure statutory contributions are accurately submitted.

Each team member gets access to a cloud-based payroll app (web and mobile) to access their payslips, manage leaves and submit claims.

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    Access to HR manager

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    Accurate monthly payroll processing

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    Managed payments to statutory bodies

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to register a company?

  • To register a Company, you'll need
  • a local address
  • a company secretary
  • a qualified resident director
  • a shareholder
  • Paid up capital starts at RM 1.00 only

Why do I need a company secretary?

  • The entire paperless process takes about 3 working days.
  • One (1) day to approve Company Name
  • One (1) day to incorporate the Company
  • One (1) day for SSM to approve
  • It mostly depend on the approval time of the authorities.

What are resolutions?

  • A director is a natural person who is at least 18 years old and of sound mind
  • To qualify as a resident director, the individual must have his/her principal place of residence in Malaysia
  • He/She must not be an undischarged bankrupt, has not been imprisoned for offences under the Companies Act 2016, not convicted of any offence in or outside of Malaysia and not disqualified under the Companies Act 2016

Do I need a company secretary?

  • We check for the availability of Company Name. You send us the details on shareholders and directors.
  • We prepare the necessary documents and arrange for e-signatures.
  • We submit for approval of Company Name. Once the Company Name is approved, we will proceed with incorporation
  • Upon approval by SSM, your Company is incorporated.

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