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Understanding legal requirements for your company takes time away from your business. We’ve done all the heavy lifting you’ll need so you can ensure your Sdn Bhd stays compliant from day one.

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Choose either a Sdn Bhd or LLP. Unsure of the requirements? We’ll guide you through the process and highlight to you which is best for your business.

No more worrying about deadlines or filing requirements.

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Receive reminders for upcoming filing deadlines and be the first to know about any changes in rules

FInancial Year End

31 Dec

65 days remaining

Annual Return Filing

31 Mar

155 days remaining

Audit Report Filing

30 July

276 days remaining

Centralised compliance dashboard

View all company documents and official mail in a centralised dashboard.

Annual Return

Change of address

Change of Directors


How to Get Started

1. We'll process the switch

A smooth transition awaits you.

We'll contact your Secretary and arrange for documents to be collected.

2. We manage the paperwork

We set you up with a professional, watch your deadlines and make sure your company is always compliant.

3. You focus on what matters

With your business set up and ready to go, it's time to take off. It’s time for you to reach new heights of success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the annual reporting requirements for Cosec

  • To register a Company, you'll need
  • a local address
  • a company secretary
  • a qualified resident director
  • a shareholder
  • Paid up capital starts at RM 1.00 only Cosec

Why do I need a company secretary?

  • The entire paperless process takes about 3 working days.
  • One (1) day to approve Company Name
  • One (1) day to incorporate the Company
  • One (1) day for SSM to approve
  • It mostly depend on the approval time of the authorities.

What are resolutions?

  • A director is a natural person who is at least 18 years old and of sound mind
  • To qualify as a resident director, the individual must have his/her principal place of residence in Malaysia
  • He/She must not be an undischarged bankrupt, has not been imprisoned for offences under the Companies Act 2016, not convicted of any offence in or outside of Malaysia and not disqualified under the Companies Act 2016

Do I need a company secretary?

  • We check for the availability of Company Name. You send us the details on shareholders and directors.
  • We prepare the necessary documents and arrange for e-signatures.
  • We submit for approval of Company Name. Once the Company Name is approved, we will proceed with incorporation
  • Upon approval by SSM, your Company is incorporated.

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