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April 12, 2024

Sdn Bhd naming guidelines

When launching your startup in Malaysia, selecting a suitable company name is pivotal, as it not only shapes your brand's identity but also must comply with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) guidelines to ensure approval. Here are eight essential naming rules to consider when naming your Sdn Bhd:

1. Unique Company Name

Ensure your company name doesn't already exist or hasn't been reserved. Utilize services like MyData for a quick name check or consult with a company secretary to perform a detailed search.

2. Avoid Identical Names

Your company name should not mimic or slightly modify the name of an existing business. This includes using "THE", making plural forms, adjusting spacing or punctuation, or using root words with the same meaning. However, names of dissolved entities might be available (after 7 years for companies and 2 years for LLPs).

3. Restricted Terms

Avoid including "Company", "Co", or "Syarikat" as part of your company name, as these are prohibited.

4. Using Director's Names

You may use a director's name (if listed on the incorporation form) as your company name. If you wish to use another individual's name, you'll need documented consent and proof of association.

5. Language and Grammar

Combining Malay, English, or other languages is acceptable if it accurately represents your business type and adheres to proper grammar rules. Be prepared to explain the meaning behind the name if asked.

6. Symbol Usage

Only five symbols are allowed within your company name: &, ., -, (, ). These must be incorporated appropriately into the name.

7. Appropriate Naming

Choose a name that is not offensive, obscene, or misleading. It should respect community sensibilities and accurately reflect your company's objectives and operations.

8. Controlled Words

Avoid using gazetted or controlled terms (such as bank, university, fund etc) unless you have specific authorization. Obtaining a letter of permission is necessary for using such words in your company name.

Remember, a company name differs from a brand name; under one company name, you can operate multiple brands related to similar business activities. If you're feeling overwhelmed by these guidelines, don't hesitate to reach out. Schedule a call with our team to ensure your company name aligns perfectly with SSM standards and sets a solid foundation for your business identity.

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